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Daniel Lee has worked for the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement for over 20 years in various church capacities. As the Director of the General Conference Publishing Department, he is responsible for designing material for newsletters, magazines, books and other publications. His current responsibilities also include leadership of the Roanoke Church ministerial departments and ensuring the execution of all evangelistic programs. Daniel is skilled in researching biblical historical events and conducting biblical character analysis. His wisdom, calming disposition and positive outlook create an inviting environment for meaningful conversations. Daniel’s passion to share the love and mercy of Jesus compels him to seek out innovative approaches to revitalize the congregation and members of the community.

Adrian Finaru began his ministry by knocking on doors and finding interested souls to study the Bible. As the leader of the General Conference Youth Department, Adrian has travelled throughout the world speaking at numerous conferences and seminars on the importance of Christ within the home and family. Adrian has a passion for working with young people and teaching them the theory and practical application to canvassing. He enjoys cultivating lasting relationships within the community and is always eager to lend a helping hand to those in need. As a bi-cultural communicator, Adrian continually seeks to present the Bible in new and fresh ways that speaks to diverse ethnic and cultural groups. It is his desire to speak and teach the Bible in a practical way that leads people to Jesus Christ.

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