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Church Officers

The role of each church officer is to equip, care, train and empower individuals of the Roanoke Church. We encourage groups to grow together through personal connection, prayer, and study of the scriptures. Please contact any member listed below at

540-362-1800 or at

Church Board

Paul Michael Balbach

Daniel Lee

Niki Espinal

Joan Sureshkumar

Paul Hazelhoff


Niki Espinal


Joan Sureshkumar

Pastoral Care Team

Peter Lausevic

Roberto Duarte

Liviu Tudoroiu

Daniel Lee

Eduardo Moreno

Adrian Finaru

Ghennady Melnychuk

Lead Usher

Joseph Thomas

Lead Deaconess

Dilma Duarte

Floral Department

Rose Duarte

Health Department

Liliane Balbach

Media Department

Stephanie Hazelhoff

Missionary Department

Caleb Moreno

Music Department

Barbara Montrose

Sabbath School Department

Barbara Montrose

Public Relations Department

Joan Sureshkumar

Welfare Department

Katherine Lee

Youth Department

Heather Hazelhoff

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